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Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant started off in 1926 as a modest 2 stories shop house at Albert Street by first generation Au Yuen. His passion for food started when he was very young and that led him, along with hard work, to accomplish his dream which was to open his very own restaurant. Au Yuen’s aim was to bring authentic Cantonese-Chinese cuisine to Singapore and also allow his customers to feel like home. The menu back then consisted items that we now commonly see at “Tze-Char” places. Many locals would gather at the restaurant and enjoy wholesome meals with their families and friends. 

The place was soon deemed as a “cult place” as it became so popular amongst many airline crews such as Qantas, British Airways, Emirates and many more. The main reason why was because during WWll, Au Yuen would bring along his son, Au Chan Seng (best known as Fatty), to secretly give food to the POWs. After the war, many of them would come back and patronise the restaurant.  

In 1987, we moved to Albert Complex and stayed there for 13 years. That was also where Fatty’s children were seen helping him out at the restaurant.


In 2000, when Albert Complex was bought over, we moved to our current location, Burlington Square. Currently helmed by the combined efforts of the 3rd generation, Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant continues to specialise in authentic Cantonese food that would make you feel at home from the minute you step into our doors. We still stick to the same recipes and cooking techniques that have been passed down throughout the 3 generations, making sure that the flavour of the food remains the same.

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